Why Jeyla?

There are hundreds of T-Shirt websites out there so why should you buy from Jeyla Fashions?

To get the best answer to this question, we went straight to the source and asked our customers why they choose us over others. Here are the top 4 reasons :

•    SERVICE – We provide personalized service and pay attention to every detail to make sure every customer is satisfied with their purchase.

•    SELECTION – We currently have over two thousand designs on our website but this is only a part of the large selection we offer. Most websites provide the designs with the basic t-shirt and you only get to pick the size and color. At Jeyla, we believe that even though this would make things easy for our website, it does not create the ultimate shopping experience for our customers. Offering a wide range of options, great communication throughout the sales process, and making sure you get exactly what you have in mind is what brings our customers back to our website.

•    VALUE – Are there cheaper options than Jeyla online?  There are several sites to get a cheap t-shirt from. Our customers choose us due to the value they get. We use top quality brands and their higher quality items even for our base t-shirts. Doing this enables us to make sure that we have a repeat customer that is enjoying their apparel wash after wash and not just a one-time sale that leaves the customer frustrated with their ‘disposable’ T-shirt. We do not overcharge like some of our big company competitors because we know that providing value for our customers is more important than making high margins.

•    NOT JUST AN ONLINE STORE – Jeyla is not just an online business but also a partner in several fundraisers. The goal of your fundraiser is simple… raise funds. Not make money for a business. This is why Jeyla Fashions works with several fundraisers to make sure we can offer you good pricing with several options and even create your own webpage for others to purchase from. We do all the work including the shipping of items and let you focus on promoting the fundraiser instead of trying to get all the orders together. We also donate to several causes by donating a percentage of our sales to organizations such as Susan G. Komen and UNICEF

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