Your Own Fundraiser

Jeyla Fashions helps you put together a fundraiser that is going to offer hundreds of options to maximize success by creating a webpage for you to promote.


1.    We work together with you to create designs for your fundraiser. Choose from our available designs and customize them or we can help you put together several of them to let you offer more for your fundraiser. Just like all our other items, your group will be able to use the design on their choice of apparel, letting you offer hundreds of options without having to deal with the details of all the different styles of apparel, sizes, colors etc.
2.    We put together a page for you on our website. We will feature YOUR story, goals of your fundraiser to help you raise awareness and increase revenue.
3.    You can promote and get orders for your fundraiser by sending your group to the page we put together for you. Instead of trying to write down everyone’s orders or collect funds, you can spend your time on promoting the fundraiser through social media, word of mouth or other methods.
4.    When your campaign ends, we will have your apparel printed and ready to go. We can ship the items to individual buyers so you can promote your cause throughout the world or ship all in bulk to you for a local fundraiser. Our goal is the same as yours which is to maximize the funds raised. Once all orders are completed, we will send you a check with the funds raised for your cause with an additional gift of our own.

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